Rental Bicycles


Zero worries, as soon you arrive, get on your bike and go!

We’ll get you the bike!

If you like to be active and cannot give up contact with nature, during your stay you can choose to move with a bike. Bed & Bike offers a bike rental service: you can book your vehicle from the comfort of your home at the time of booking, so as to ensure the availability of the vehicle once you arrive at the facility. Various models of bikes are awaiting you, from mountain bikes without assisted pedaling to the most comfortable e-bikes.

If you already have a bike...

You will have at your disposal a private parking and a deposit where you can leave your bicycle during your stay, moreover, you will have the opportunity to wash it and do some maintenance in total freedom to be ready for a new adventure!


There are many bike models that you can find available to move around in comfort during your stay and for your excursions. In particular, for those who intend to spend their vacation along wilder trails and adventure, we offer two versions of pedal assisted mountain bikes, both of the highest quality and comfort.
Trek produces models designed for those who love off-road with all the necessary components such as the front suspension, 24-speed transmission and a wide range of ratios to facilitate pedaling on uphill routes. Ideal for those who intend to explore our territories with energy.
KTM e-bike models are all equipped with the best traction systems and characterized by an elegant and captivating design. Like this KTM Macina Ride model, all-aluminum frame with a simple design and a Bosch motor.


Bed & Bike, through the Shimano Service Center Biciclo shop located right downstairs, offers a complete and high-quality service for the maintenance of your bikes.
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