Lunigiana is a historical region that is divided between the part of northern Tuscany and Liguria.
The landscape offered is mainly mountainous, but it manages to be very varied, transforming itself into a hill until it descends gently in flat areas, uch as those of Sarzana.

It is a land that offers many sites rich in history and completely natural areas that still do not know the intervention of man.
In Lunigiana there are many small villages, parish churches, farmhouses and castles that can be met and visited according to the paths and itineraries that we feel inspired to follow.

The villages of Mulazzo, Filattiera, Bagnone and Pontremoli are well known and very characteristic.
From the northernmost part of Tuscany, Lunigiana continues to develop in part of Liguria.
Continuing along the route, once you arrive in Liguria, the Cinque Terre are unmissable, declared a National Park and World Heritage Site and protected by Unesco.

Famous for their conformation, the Cinque Terre are gathered between two promontories and wind along a rocky coast, thus ensuring a breathtaking landscape between small inlets, beaches, villages and paths.
Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, Monterosso al mare: these are the Cinque Terre and each one is different from the others and capable of offering unique landscapes and views, but they share the characteristic of villages built overlooking the sea.

The railway line allows you to reach the Cinque Terre comfortably and this makes it possible to experience these unique and fascinating areas through routes and itineraries specially chosen for those who love cycling in the open air.

Garfagnana is the wildest and most rugged territory of northern Tuscany, surrounded by the Apuan Alps and the Apennines, it is a land that thrives on history.
The absolute protagonists of this area are the woods, cliffs and parks, such as the famous Orecchiella park.
Garfagnana is the perfect destination for those who want to practice outdoor sports: there are many itineraries and excursions designed for bike lovers that can be chosen by type of landscape and difficulty.

But not only! Garfagnana is a land that holds treasures hidden in the bowels of its land, such as the famous Grotta del Vento: for a moment you can abandon the classic outdoor cycling itinerary and visit its most hidden corners.

Lunigiana, Cinque Terre and Garfagnana are lands that allow you to combine your excursions with an interesting gastronomic tour, rich in typical and zero-kilometer products.


In Lunigiana you can find history, art and nature.
A historical path suitable for the whole family certainly starts from Pontremoli with the Museum of the Stele Statues, where all the Steles found in the area are collected and is the oldest heritage offered by this land.
The museum is set up in the Pignaro Castle which dominates the entire village of Pontremoli from the top of the hill and the encounter between Stele and Castle is very suggestive.

Once in the museum you can take advantage and visit the castle, completely restored.
Also, in Pontremoli, Villa Dosi Delfini awaits you, a masterpiece of Baroque art that can always be visited.
Villafranca also has a story to tell, with the village of Filetto and Aulla with the Brunella Fortress, an imposing Renaissance fortification that takes its name from the color of the underlying rock: it is the most powerful military work in Lunigiana.
For those seeking contact with unspoiled nature, the Stretti of Giaredo are unmissable: with a guide you can dedicate yourself to river trekking crossing the Gordana stream on foot, between the walls of a canyon


Each of these lands has views that deserve to be visited and admired, but some areas are particularly interesting.
In Vernazza a stop is a must to admire the natural harbor that crowns it as a seaside village par excellence, while Corniglia stands out for not directly overlooking the sea and being surrounded by vineyards: this makes it very suggestive and suitable for trekking lovers. Among the recommended walks there is certainly the Lardarina staircase (344 steps!) which leads to the beach of Guvano.

All the Cinque Terre are then connected by paths that wind at different heights, the most famous and the simplest is the Blue Trail.
Very popular areas in the spring and summer months, they manage to maintain their charm even during the winter period: the long-awaited appointment is in fact the Manarola nativity scene, which lights up the whole hill every year with about 350 characters entirely made of lights.


If you have chosen Garfagnana as a destination for your holidays, you certainly cannot go home without visiting the Grotta del Vento. Located in the center of the Apuan Alps Park, it is the result of one of the many karst phenomena typical of this area: the limestone rocks are modeled relentlessly by atmospheric agents, creating spectacular landscapes.

The visit to the Grotta del Vento is suitable for anyone thanks to the variety of its itineraries, designed for families and for the most experienced hikers.
There are also many villages to visit, such as Barga. It is among the most visited and well-known places in the Garfagnana and is recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.
Castelnuovo di Garfagnana is certainly another town in which to stop and visit the Ariostesca Fortress, the Mont’Alfonso Fortress and the Vittorio Alfieri Theater. It is the heart of the Garfagnana and from there you can reach the famous Orecchiella Park in just 30 minutes by car.

Leave for an unforgettable adventure.