About us


About us

Elisabetta and Paolo are husband and wife who, for the past 26 years, have been managing the Biciclo company with dedication and passion. The history of Biciclo begins in the post-War when Aldo, Paolo’s father, decides to open a small bicycle repair shop. The shop immediately succeeds also thank to the workers of the nearby Montecatini jute factory who used bicycles as their main means of transport to reach work.
Aldo was a great mechanic and strong in his skills he began selling cycles as well as providing repairs, so the shop quickly became a landmark for cyclists from near and far. It is the strong passion for his work and for bicycles that allowed Aldo to carry on his workshop without hesitation, overcoming the difficulties encountered along the way: it is enough to say that to find the necessary parts for repairs, he got on the saddle of his bicycle and rode up to Parma (about 100 km from Aulla!) where the nearest supplier was.
Aldo remained in the shop until the age of 85 actively participating in the management, without ever losing that attention to details that had made him famous over the years. The passion for the cycle was transmitted to Paolo and Elisabetta, who were able to manage the historic business by adapting and reinventing it to always keep up with the new needs and trends that characterize a dynamic market like that of the cycle. Their desire to innovate and always offer a better service has allowed the business to grow considerably: over the years they have combined retail and wholesale sales, up to the production of cycles.

The love for two wheels is experienced by Elisabetta and Paolo not only in the workplace, but also in their private lives: in organizing their vacations, they have always looked for organized facilities to receive eager riders like them.
Bed & Bike was born from here: from the combination of considerable dedication to cycles handed down over the years by Aldo and from the passion that they have for this fascinating sport.

Thus, thinking back to all their travels and their vacations on two wheels, Elisabetta and Paolo decided to create a structure able to accommodate all cycle lovers offering the best quality, professionalism, assistance and kindness that have always distinguished them.

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